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Apprenticeship in Boilermakers Local 13

Deciding to become a field construction Boilermaker apprentice may be the single most important decision of your life. The following information will explain the job responsibilities, requirements, and challenges for a Boilermaker apprentice.

Boilermaker work demands a high degree of technical skill, constant attention to safety, a dedication to excellence, a willingness to study and complete on-the-job training, and an ability to travel from job site to job site to maintain employment.

Apprentices are a vital part of construction project teams that erect pressure vessel assemblies and fabricate metal plate. But today’s field construction Boilermaker apprentice is involved in more than just the construction of boilers. You could be involved in the installation of a giant superheater section in a large utility boiler, the erection of a 2,000,000-barrel water storage tank, the placement of a nuclear power plant reactor dome, the replacement of cyclones in a catalytic cracking unit in an oil refinery, or the construction of components at a hydroelectric power station.

Job Description
  • Loading & unloading materials
  • Rigging materials for movement
  • Directing crane operations
  • Assembling/Disassembling scaffolds & platforms
  • Changing crane booms
  • Inspecting and caring for rigging accessories & equipment
  • Burning, gouging & welding
  • Removing and replacing tubes
  • Interpreting blueprints
  • Laying out components
  • Erecting support steel beams & columns
  • Using various welding machines and welding processess
  • Aligning & fitting components
Boilermaker Facts
  • Work performed by Boilermakers requires high technical skill and a dedication to top performance.
  • Field Construction work is by nature an outside job which means exposure to all types of weather conditions, heat & cold.
  • Boilers, dams, power generation plants, storage tanks and pressure vessels are usually of mammoth size; therefore a major portion of the Boilermaker’s work is performed at great heights, often 200 to 1,000 feet above the ground.
  • Field construction is contract work; so, when the contract is completed, your job is ended. You may have to travel the territory of the local lodge and live away from home for long periods of time.
  • The majority of work (approx. 90%) involves confined space access, requiring safe work procedures for access, egress, escape & rescue.
  • The size of materials, tools, and equipment handled by boilermakers requires excellent physical strength and stamina.
Basic Qualifications
Applicants shall meet the following minimum qualifications:
  1. Age — All applicants shall be at least 18 years of age. Applicants are required to submit reliable proof of age.
  2. Education — Applicants shall be high school graduates or provide proof of equivalent education attainment, such as successful completion of GED. Each applicant shall submit a copy of their high school transcript or official report of GED test results if these documents will verify graduation.
NOTE: Applicants must provide proof of birth (Birth Certificate, Baptismal Certificate, DD-214 Military or voters registration). Copies of the original documents must be submitted, as the NE Area Apprenticeship Committee will retain them.

WELDING QUALIFICATIONS: Applicants who have welding experience or training will have priority selection over those with no welding qualifications or training. Applicants must provide proof (qualifications, certifications, diplomas, etc.) of welding qualifications and or training.

For all program questions please contact:

Jason E. Dupuis, Northeast Area Co-Coordinator or
Stephen P. Murphy, Northeast Area Co-Coordinator
297 Burnside Avenue
East Hartford, CT 06108
Phone: (860) 569-8368
Fax: (860) 291-0802

When and Where to Apply:

2300 New Falls Road
Newportville, PA 19056
Phone: (215) 785-5536; Fax (215) 785-5867

Applications will be distributed on the LAST WEDNESDAY of EVERY MONTH from 9:00 AM to 12:00 NOON.